Downton Virtual Community Choir! 


Downton Community Choir, which usually meets at the Baptist Church every Wednesday evening, is not letting the current situation stop them from singing together. Thanks to the internet, and a video conferencing tool called Zoom, the choir is still meeting and singing together every week. Choir leader Kate says "It's been brilliant to see everyone sitting in front of their computer screens, with their choir music in front of them. We can all see and hear each other, so at the start of each rehearsal we all say hello and have a chat. Unfortunately, due to the different speeds on everyone's audio, we can't sing together  live, as it's a bit of cacophony. So when we're ready to sing, I mute everyone else, and play the songs and I can see everyone singing along at home. Then at the end of each session, I unmute everyone and we have another chat. It's as much about being able to see and greet each other, to share something we all love doing, and to stay connected while we're in physical isolation. It's been a real tonic for all of us" 


Here's a photo of our virtual choir. You might recognise a few faces!!