Hamptworth Croquet Club in Full Swing

Club secretary Steve writes; "We are a very friendly bunch at Hamptworth and we are always looking for new members.  Try it out free of charge. Introductions to croquet can be arranged for individuals, pairs or small groups. All you need is flat soled shoes - trainers are ideal." Alternatively you can find out more by visiting the club's developing website.


"We can't always promise you a rainbow, but we can promise you a warm welcome!"

Finally some warmer weather! The Hamptworth croquet players have been dodging the showers and making the best of their five lawns and the beautiful setting. The sun in the sky, new leaves on the trees and the birdsong all add to the experience.

The Club has been delighted to have heard from 30 people in the last month who are keen to find out more about croquet and what the club can offer. A Club spokesman commented:  "Croquet certainly seems to be on the up! With Summer approaching, we are expecting interest to be even higher, so now is a great time to join us".