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World Champion Croquet player

Hamptworth Croquet Club's Aston Wade has added a new title to his collection: Under 21 Croquet World Champion.  He has already been the British Open Croquet Champion and European Croquet Champion

Aston joined the club at the age of 15. He had already played a version of croquet, but on joining the club, he learned to play an alternative, which he obviously took to and excelled at. While he has gained most of his successes with the newer version of the game, it should not be overlooked that he is an England international player in both forms of croquet.

As Aston himself said, in a recent televised interview, his remaining challenge is to become the full World Champion. At his age, he has so much time to achieve this goal, but nobody would be surprised if it happened sooner rather than later.

For details of how to play croquet at Hamptworth please visit the the club's website

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