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Baptist Church: A visit to The Garden

InDownton visited The Garden at DBC recently to find out more about what happens on Sunday and Thursday afternoons. It’s a new initiative which is open for anyone to take part. There was weeding, watering and seed planting going on as well as lots of chat. The youngest gardener was one year old Rupert and the oldest was 81 year old Brian who produced the vegetable planting plan.

The garden has a series of raised beds constructed under the supervision of Richard Walker. Lots of neatly planted vegetables including potatoes, broad beans, radishes, onions and sweetcorn were growing. Squash, pumpkins and courgettes and were being grown off site ready to be transplanted in.


Carrots, leeks and dwarf french bean seeds will be sown over the next few weeks. The produce from the garden is destined to be available for distribution in The Larder.
Heather was planting flowers which will be used to decorate the church. She has also planted raspberries and strawberries.

During the afternoon, Duke of Edinburgh Award students arrived to help out and learn gardening skills. The Garden ‘after school’ on Thursdays between 3.15pm and 4.30pm is a time when there are activities for children.

The various volunteers in the garden were there to share experience, to learn new skills, to help out or just to chat with cakes and drinks available. There are lots of ways to help.

The peaceful setting with the sounds of talking and soil being dug made the whole process relaxing and therapeutic. The different ages working and chatting together and the range of experience makes it an unusual if not unique setting. Everyone is welcome and more details on how to take part is available on the church website or by calling the church office.

Radish crop.png
Rupert helping out.png

Rupert helping out

katy and Sam weeding.png

Katy weeding

Updating the blackboard.png

Updating the 'To do' list

Reviewing the radish crop

Raised beds 1.png
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