Downton Distillery expands its product range


This local business is helping the community by producing batches of hand sanitiser to help in the fight against Covid-19.  The first batch was released last week and was distributed in local villages, including Downton, and to the Wiltshire front line services.  Times when the sanitiser was available were published locally on Facebook, and people were able to turn up outside the White Horse with their own containers, and be provided with what they needed.   Please check the distillery website for information about future collection times.

You are asked to provide a donation to cover costs, which will allow the purchase of more supplies.  If you wish to help out more, the distillery are currently raising money to buy supplies in bulk, thus allowing the teams behind the scenes the chance to create 10,000L of hand sanitiser.  

More information from or watch the Downton Distillery web pages

for updates.