Downton Surgery: updates and guidelines



Guidelines for visiting the surgery

If you are attending in person please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please wear a mask or face covering for all appointments.  You will shortly see a mask tree outside the surgery - if anyone would like to make reusable masks for the surgery they will be offered to patients for a voluntary donation. Any donations received will be put towards the Friends of Downton Fund to support new community schemes.  This is a new initiative, which will be launched as soon as it is safe, under the guidance of the surgery's Social Prescriber, Carol.  It is planned to include a Carers Café; a gardening project; fitness initiatives; etc. 

  • Please respect the social distancing guidelines

  • Please do not block doorways.  Stand back and allow people plenty of space to pass through at a safe distance

  • Please sanitise your hands on the way in and out of the premises – dispensers are available throughout the building

  • Everything is being double disinfected with all surfaces cleansed between patients.  Because personal items, such as handbags and coats, can carry all sorts of virus particles, it is requested that you leave your belongings safely at home or in your car if at all possible rather than bringing them into clinical rooms

  • Please attend on your own if able, leaving other family members at home or in the car to wait.  Children should be left with an alternative carer if at all possible.


Dispensary delivery update

From the beginning of August most people have been able to go out and about, so the dispensary delivery service has been further reduced.  However, for those patients who still find the service valuable, the team (including the wonderful volunteers ) remain happy to help – please just give the surgery a call, or email the social prescriber Carol Baker and she will give you a ring within 7 working days to discuss your support needs.


Flu immunisations - no need to call yet

There has been a recent public announcement about flu immunisations for all over 50s this year and further information about this year’s flu clinics will be issued very shortly. In the meantime please do not contact the surgery as although they are not taking bookings yet, they have been swamped with calls. Please keep the lines free for patients who require more immediate assistance.


Message from the practice

The surgery team write: "As a surgery we remain in the midst of the battle with COVID-19 and we are already preparing for a possible second wave in Winter.  If you have any feedback you would like to offer us on what has gone well / or you have any ideas on how we could improve our service should there be a further outbreak / or indeed both, please send us a quick email or pop a few lines in writing in our mail box. We are always appreciative of your input and it will help us to continue to keep our community safe and to provide care albeit in a different manner to 6 months ago.  Please be assured that we will continue to do everything within our power to help stop the virus spreading and we remain very grateful to you all for playing your part and for your understanding.  Stay safe.  From all the team at Downton Surgery"

The email to use is: (please add subject: eg: FAO Social Prescriber / COVID Feedback / etc)

Find out more

There is lots more information on the surgery's website.

The surgery would like to than all patients for their kind words and ongoing support and patience, which have been greatly appreciated over the last few months.


Continue to use telephone and online services

They are very aware that the virus is still present in our local population and there are still patients testing positive on a weekly basis.  They will continue to support the most vulnerable and at risk patients for the foreseeable future. In order to keep everyone safe and to continue to control the virus they ask that you only attend the surgery if invited to do so by a doctor or nurse, or to collect a prescription.  You should use telephone and online services whenever possible.