Football club refurbishment project

Downton Football Club, supported by the Brian Whitehead Sports Centre Association are refurbishing the old social club to develop it as a new resource / clubhouse for the football club - and the whole community. They are also re-launching (and taking on the management of) the Sherwood Rooms. The Social Club in particular is in desperate need of some investment and TLC and so the Football Club has launched a Crowdfunder campaign, encouraged by the news that Sport England will provide some additional funding, if certain conditions are met.


Sport England launched a ‘back to sport’ campaign in response to COVID - and are now offering to donate £6000 to the project if £14000 is raised from 100 individual donors in the community. Thanks to a great number of generous contributors, the club has already raised in the region of £8,000 but time is running out to raise the shortfall of £6,000. 


Although it might be possible to extend the deadline, the club would prefer not to, as they have lots of bills to pay for work already done, and cannot pay these until the funding is finalised.   The social club has already been painted throughout,  the lighting replaced and a new floor laid. (See the pictures on the right)


Full details about the project can be found here -

For more information contact Luke Wordley, the Clubhouse Project Co-ordinator. He can be reached on 07834 352647 or