The Clubhouse opens

The long-awaited Clubhouse has finally opened its doors - after the team behind the refurbishment was able to raise the necessary £46,000 and 'draft in' 1,000 volunteer hours.

If you would like to sign up as a Clubhouse Member (tax and licensing rules dictate that it has to be run as a Members' Club), then click on the link. You will receive an auto-confirm email, and final membership details will be sent to you. 

Every penny of profit will go towards supporting Downton's youth football and wider community activity and the organisers hope to welcome you to The Clubhouse very soon.

A final note from the organisers: "Please be patient with us as we get The Clubhouse up and running. We are a very small team of volunteers, who also have full-time jobs and families. If there is something we are not doing well, we probably agree! So please volunteer - or be patient!  Thank you very much."

More information on The Clubhouse website or Facebook page.

Clubhouse 1.png