Good Companions

Downton Good Companions started the year with their second Silent Disco event, organised by Sshh Silent Disco company and funded by the Wiltshire Council's Southern Wiltshire Area Board.  There were tears, laughter, dancing, mocktails and a welcome chance to meet others for many who had spent the Christmas season alone.  The biggest response:  “When is the next one?”.  One participant said: ”It’s a very good time to get together and sing and dance. it gets us up for a good workout"  Another, who also enjoyed the event added, “We had a lovely afternoon singing and dancing or just listening to the lovely music. Even if you can’t dance, it’s very good for the soul and makes you feel very happy with everyone else joining in -  especially if you live on your own.  The cocktails were lovely as well”

Good companions would like to thank Stephanie Jalland for leading and facilitating the event.

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The club meets in Downton Memorial Hall on Tuesdays from 2 - 4 pm. Regulars pay £1.50 and visitors (who are always welcome) pay £2.00.  Refreshments are included.  Up and coming events include:

25th January 2022   -   Sarah Delves, talking about antiques, and bringing some samples.  Antiques have been part of Sarah’s life from an early age and she has been in the antiques trade in some form from the early 1990’s.  She founded a company called Bags of Glamour in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since

15th February 2022  - June Phillimore, fun exercises.

Contact Julia Whitmarsh 510601 for more information.

Sarah Delves

from 'Bags of Glamour''