Local Doctor researching ways to reduce impact of Covid-19 

Could improving oral healthcare reduce severe Covid-19 infection?

 As a result of the research of Downton resident, Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones, Consultant Radiologist, Salisbury Hospital has enhanced its treatment regime for those with Covid-19. Graham has been investigating the virus with several research groups and at the end of October, his work was reported in Nature Outlook, a leading scientific publication. 

The research highlights the link between gum disease and the severity of Covid-19 infection, and as a result  a hospital-wide quality improvement project has been started, focusing on oral healthcare.  Nursing staff are receiving additional training and Covid-19 patients all receive a supply of a specific type of mouthwash.  

In Graham’s words: "The measures we are putting in place are based on existing evidence that shows paying attention to oral healthcare for inpatients is beneficial, shortening hospital stay and even reducing death rate.  The project has gained the enthusiastic attention of those at the very top of dentistry, public health, infection control and medical research in the UK. As soon as we are up and running in Salisbury, we will be sharing our ideas and practices with as many other hospitals as possible."

​Graham is extremely grateful for the generous gift of £350 which the League of Friends offered so that the first consignment of mouthwash could be bought to get the project underway. The hospital is now funding the project which was formally launched in November last year.

To read the full account of Graham's research click here, where he explains how his work began and what led him to make the links.