Who is Neon Leon?

You may have seen Leon Devereux around the village - in fact, you will definitely know if you have seen him.  He goes by the name of 'Neon Leon' because he loves dressing up in really brightly coloured clothes, hoping to raise a smile and brighten someone's day.  His mission: to share his passion for colour and creativity and help others to express their creativity and personality. 


As a boy, Leon used to wear yellow shirts as a child and always liked to be noticed. He was known as a bit of a joker and a smiler.  He loved pop stars such as Elton John and Ah Ha and copied what they were wearing. He also liked comedians such as Benny Hill and how they make people laugh.  Leon started to wear colour, as he liked the way it looked and made him feel good.  People saying, ‘You have made my day!’ encouraged him to wear brighter and brighter colours.  On the other hand, when people said, ‘You can’t wear that!’ it made him determined to wear even more colour. 

It started with bright coloured shirts and after that bright suits followed. Then came the full look – the odd shoes, the odd socks, bright suits and tops, bright scarfs and the vibrant neon wigs. 

Leon set up a facebook page #neonleon and has a large number of followers – the majority being his customers from his delivery rounds. Facebook even led him to meet his wife - Charlotte Dooley.  After chatting on Facebook, he had bought some of Charlotte's Christmas cards.  Charlotte was just getting into bright clothes and had recently had life coaching which had made her more confident as an artist / designer. Once the two of them got talking on Facebook, it became clear that they had a lot in common. Charlotte encouraged Leon with his art and Leon encouraged Charlotte with her bright clothing. They got married earlier this year.

Neon Leon.jpg

If you see Leon when you're out and about - enjoy his love of bright colours - don't forget to smile and say "Hello!"