Christmas tree sale success

Thanks to the Moot fundraising team, £3950 was raised from the sale of Christmas trees and wreaths held at the beginning of December in the Borough on the old cricket pitch (belonging to Rob and Steph Greville-Heygate).  The trees and materials for the wreaths were donated, allowing the charity to benefit from all the sales money.

This contribution will help towards the ever increasing costs of maintaining the historic gardens which are open to everyone in the community 365 days of the year for free.


The Moot Trust are always on the lookout for help: "We are so lucky to have this natural space on our doorstep. You can help as a garden volunteer, or as a helper at fundraising events, or simply by making a regular donation (however small, even once a year)"

More information is on their website

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be happening on Easter Monday in the Moot. Other fundraising events are currently being planned so watch the website for future dates.