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Building project in Moldova

Building project in Moldova

Local volunteer, Andy Fitt, is off to Moldova again

Andy Fitt, local volunteer (and village paperboy), is again planning a trip to Moldova with the charity TEECH, whose aim is to improve the lives of those in Eastern Europe, in particular by installing sanitary ware into schools, orphanages and residences for elderly people - where no indoor toilets exist.

Andy has been a TEECH volunteer since 2018 and has spent some time every summer since on the ‘Toilets for Schools’ project - apart from in 2020 when lockdowns and international travel restrictions were in place. (In that year Andy borrowed a sewing machine and went into full time production of face masks, selling 350 in aid of the charity, and raising over £950 - for which he would like to thank all those across the community who swapped donations for facemasks).

Andy and the team are now planning this summer’s bathroom projects in two Moldovan villages.

Neither school has indoor toilet facilities, and currently uses an outhouse  - which has a concrete floor, and then holes over a pit.  At each school the team will convert one room into a bathroom for the girls and one for the boys, which not only provides them with indoor toilets for the first time, but privacy and hygienic conditions.  The team will also tile, paint and anything else they may have time for in the 8 days in Moldova.

Andy has been telling us of some of the minor challenges the volunteers have to negotiate. For example, each volunteer is required to arrange their own insurance - in addition to the travel insurance.  (It takes the team three and a half days to travel across Europe with all their supplies, equipment, and humanitarian aid etc.)  Typically, travel insurance packages provide cover for all kinds of activities and sports - the lists can be quite ‘adventurous’ and extensive.  But it does not include the ‘manual work’ that the volunteers will also be undertaking - if you wish to use a hammer, paint brush, handsaw, a battery powered drill, a shovel, pickaxe, or a small step ladder then specialist insurance is required.

Andy has a fundraising page at:  For more information about TEECH, this year’s projects and the recent trip to Ukraine at Easter to deliver Humanitarian Aid please go to:  Alternatively sponsorship forms are available behind the counter at Woodfalls Post Office.

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