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Heritage Trail update

Heritage Trail update

New leaflet coming soon

The Heritage Trail leaflet (sponsored by the Parish Council and the Downton Society) has been updated and will soon be available. Initially set up in 2006, the trail is a circular walk through the history of the village. As the new leaflet points out, following the trail “you will be walking in the footsteps of Iron Age man, Romans, Normans, bishops, corrupt politicians, noblemen and humble millers, tanners and farmers. Their time has now passed but they have all left an indelible and fascinating mark”.

There is a choice of starting points for the trail, one of which is The Goat - previously The White Horse. The building goes back to the 13th century, when it was a residence of the Bishop of Winchester.  It has been an inn since at least 1599. In days gone by, elections for Downton’s two Members of Parliament were held outside and the winner was declared from the balcony.

More information from and the (Downton village tab).

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