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Ukrainian Charity evening

Ukrainian Charity evening

Fundraising report

Towards the end of last year,  a charity concert by the band "Vintage" was held at the Clubhouse in Downton to raise funds for Ukraine. Thanks to the generosity of the people who attended the concert raised over three thousand pounds, which has been used to purchase two four-wheel drive vehicles. Within a week, one of them had arrived in Ukraine, where some parts were replaced and painted, and the vehicle is now fully deployed.

The group organising the concert included Svitlana Kondzelia, whose husband, Valentyn Mashukov  is a volunteer for a Ukrainian charity that is ready to deliver the vehicles to wherever they are most needed. He will return to the UK to collect the second vehicle as soon as he is able.  Valentin says, “On behalf of the defenders of Ukraine, and on my own behalf, I would like to thank the British for supporting my country.  I would especially like to recognise my wife, who has done so much to make this possible. I also wish to thank all those who helped, organised and contributed in many different ways and are too many to name individually.”

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