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Hamptworth Croquet Club

Taster sessions available

Hamptworth Croquet Club

If you have not played croquet for years, or even never played it at all, Hamptworth Croquet club are suggesting that you give it a try. The club has just over 50 members, some of whom are experienced players whilst others are new to the game. They are based in the grounds of Hamptworth Golf and Country Club. There are five full sized lawns, equipment that you can borrow and plenty of members willing to guide you. All that you need to remember is a pair of flat soled shoes (trainers or similar are ideal).  The club has full access to the facilities offered by Hamptworth Golf Club Clubhouse, so there is always the possibility of buying coffee and a slice of cake at the end of the session. If, after the first session, you think that croquet might be for you, further sessions can be arranged. If you think that you and croquet are not well suited, then you will have at least had a look at what Hamptworth has to offer.  This invitation is extended to individuals, pairs, small groups or even larger groups of up to twenty.  If there are more than twenty of you, two sessions can be arranged.

Steve, club chair, says, “As we approach the summer, days will be longer, temperatures higher and more of us will feel inclined to venture outside, get a bit of exercise and to enjoy the fresh air. Playing croquet at Hamptworth is a great way to achieve all three. We can also throw in the chance to meet new people, experience a new sport and have a lot of laughs.  Most of us are beyond retirement age and find that croquet provides us with a bit of extra gentle exercise, keeps the mind working, creates an extra circle of friends and gives us a lot of laughs. On top of all this, there is also a varied program of social events.”

For more information, contact Steve on 07912 608733

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