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Parish Council news

Help update the Parish Steward's list

Parish Council news

The Parish Steward, Steve, has been doing other jobs around the County,but has still managed  to do strimming and weed control. He will be back June 12/13 for jobs around the Parish, so please let the admin officer know if there is anything on this list that Steve can help with:

  • Hand clearing and cutting of growth from drainage grips and drain gully covers

  • Hand clearing of blocked drainage gullies, grips, culverts, pipes and pits (unable to jet system)

  • Clearing storm debris from the roads and footways

  • Pedestrian barriers preparation and painting

  • Cleaning and straightening of small road signs, street nameplates and bollards

  • Securing of existing small road signs, verge marker posts and supplied street name plates

  • Removal of limited graffiti from road signs, bollards and street nameplates

  • Hand cutting of grass and vegetation in visibility areas

  • Hand treatment of weeds

  • Hand clearance of encroaching growth and soils from footways

  • Repair of small potholes in roads and on footways

The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is now in situ in the Borough, tracking speeding in both directions. After a few weeks the data will be sent to the police, and it will be then moved to Moot Lane.

The village gullies continue to be cleared of roots and debris by Wiltshire Council Highways. In June, Lode Hill will have the pedestrian footway repainted, gullies cleared, and the traffic lights refurbed.

The Council will be looking at completing an inventory of the Parish trees, with help from the Wiltshire Council Woodland Officer, and identifying suitable areas in which to purchase more trees with available grants

Look out for details of a Summer Event in the Moot Rec on the 20 July, plus another defibrillator awareness session planned for later in the year

Parish Council meetings are held on the second Monday of the month in the Bonvalot Room in the Downton Memorial Centre. Meetings start at 7pm. There is always a public question time at the beginning of the meeting, so everyone is encouraged to come along and have their say. It is YOUR village.

Susan Barnhurst Davies is the Administrative Officer for the Parish Council. She can be contacted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Tel: 07483 344035 Email:   Where appropriate, she may redirect queries to Councillors or the Parish Clerk.

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