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Primary school news

Eco council improving the garden

Primary school news

Eco Council

The school’s dedicated Eco Council has been hard at work improving the school garden. Recently, they spent time weeding and tidying up, ensuring that our plants have the best environment to thrive. Their efforts not only enhance the beauty of the school grounds but also support the school’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Ancient Roman learning

Year 4 recently enjoyed a residential trip to Hooke Court, where they immersed themselves in the world of Ancient Rome. The highlight was a hands-on workshop about the Romans and Celts, where the children experienced life as it was centuries ago. They learned about Roman customs, daily life, and even participated in activities that taught them how to live like a Roman. This engaging experience brought history to life, sparking curiosity and a deeper understanding of ancient civilisations among the young learners. Here are some of the highlights from the children:

“My favourite activities were looking at the skeleton, writing my name in wax and eating lunch. After lunch, we were allowed to roll down the grassy hills. I also got to dress up as a Prince.”
“I loved sitting around the campfire and making oil lamps out of clay.”
“I found doing the Roman Marching fun because you learnt some Latin as well. My favourite activity was making Roman jewellery because it looked great when you finished it.”

The school would like to thank Mrs Wakeman, Mrs Galpin, Miss Sadler & Mr Bishop for helping facilitate the trip.

Sports Day

Sports day brought together all generations, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition - from the toddler and parent races to the ultra-competitive staff races.  Headteacher, Paula Carlton said, “Our children did exceptionally well, showing tremendous spirit and sportsmanship. It was heart- warming to see them cheering each other on, demonstrating both ambition and kindness. Whether celebrating victories or offering support after a fall, their actions reflected the core values we strive to instil in them. The photographs from the day capture the delight of success and the compassion shown by classmates, making us all incredibly proud.”

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