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Recycling at the Co-op

What happens to the soft plastic that is collected in store?

Recycling at the Co-op

Have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic that is put in the box at the Co-op?  InDownton asked Co-op manager Paul Roberts to explain and this is what we found out:

It is collected from Co-op depots by the Co-op’s UK-based recycling partner, Jayplas, and is recycled in the UK too.  Everything collected that can be recycled is made into usable plastic pellets. Polyethylene (PE) is typically used to make bags and sacks, Polypropylene (PP) is used to make rigid items such as stacking crates, and buckets.  Any collected mixed plastics are recycled into plastic wood which is used to make boards for the construction industry. Any materials that have been collected but aren’t recyclable plastic film or are contaminated, are incinerated for energy recovery.

Downton Co-op works hard to keep as much as they can out of landfill - to the extent that it is usually only the rubbish from the outside litter bins that goes into the general waste.

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