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The Water Wheel Mystery

The Water Wheel Mystery

In December, Christmas lights once again appeared by the river outside the Old Tannery

due to the efforts of Malcolm Dean and David Goddard along with local financial sponsors.

This harked back to the time when it was still a working factory and every year a lit Christmas

Tree was erected. When Malcolm and David went to take down the lights at the beginning of January, the Water Wheel at the Old Tannery, they found that the wheel started turning again - for the

first time since the late 1990s. Malcolm isn’t sure what they did to make this happen. The

wheel was restored to a high standard when the new development took place, but it never

turned after it was reinstalled in 2003. Many villagers were delighted to see the wheel working again for a short time. Whether it turns again is yet to be seen. The wheel can be viewed fromTannery Bridge, but it stands on private land.

What happened to make it turn again?

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