Summer at Pre School

Pre school walk_edited.png

Summer is in full swing at Downton Community Pre School! The children have free access to water play - which is very popular. They also have a "seed station" where they can select and plant their own flowers and see what grows over time. They enjoy walking to the meadows for snack-time and playing in the park next door.  There are still plenty of September spaces available.  The PreSchool is open Monday- Friday 8am-5.30pm (term time only) and accepts children from 2-4 years old.

Baby duck in pushchair.jpeg

The Pre School would like to thank all that supported them at the Cuckoo Fair, where they raised £1220.  The long awaited return of the Duck Race was a big crowd puller.


There are two more fundraisers coming up: an adult bingo night on Friday 24 June at 7pm, at the Sherwood suite (Downton Football Club) and a marathon walk from Christchurch back to Downton on Saturday 23 July.


If you would like to sponsor the marathon team - or are interested in your  child starting and would like to visit or require more information contact Emma on 511178 or email on