The Managing Director, Isabel De La Haye has further ideas on how Ashley Grange can support the village. She writes: 

"If you would like to use part of the car park as a facility where people could drive to and collect from we could facilitate that…. The idea being it is outside!

We can offer temporary or even permanent work – caring, in the kitchen, domestic, laundry, wellbeing for those in the village or surrounding areas who need an opportunity to earn, we supply full in house training.

If you have any other ideas of how we can support each other in this ever evolving situation, please let me know".

More information is available on the Ashley Grange Facebook page - or you can contact the home direct: (01725) 512811

Sending smiles,
Ashley Grange Nursing Home,
Lode Hill, Downton,
SP5 3PP.

Send a Smile to Ashley Grange

In these times when Nursing Homes have had to stop all normal visits, the residents of Ashley Grange are feeling the lack of connection with the outside world.  They would love to receive letters, cards, paintings, postcards, poems etc - in fact, anything that you can send them.  So if you have a moment or two and would like to do something that will be very much appreciated, then please send what you can to the address below.  In addition those who can play a portable musical instrument are invited to consider playing a few tunes from the car park.  Just let the home know in advance that you plan to give a concert and you can be assured of an appreciative audience.

Can you spread some cheer with your musical talent?