Sound Therapy comes to Downton

Long time Downton resident, Sandra Hopkins, has recently trained with the Sound Healing Academy, and is now offering her expertise to those who would like to give this therapy a try. 

Sandra explains the theory behind the therapy: "Sound Healing is an ancient form of vibrational medicine, which helps to balance all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When you are out of balance that’s when aches, pains, illnesses and disease happens. So allow me to fine-tune your system with sound to restore its balance and activate your body's natural healing mechanism.  Your body is like an orchestra. Every atom, cell, molecule, organ and tissue has its own unique natural frequency. A beautiful symphony is created when all is well. If one of the instruments is badly tuned disharmony is created in the orchestra. That's how it is with your body.  If a part of it is in pain, it's a sign that it is not functioning at its natural frequency. By using the frequencies of my various instruments and my voice I can help re-tune these parts back to their natural state of health and wellness.  Therapeutic sound is non invasive and allows you to enter into deep states of relaxation associated with optimum healing."

Sandra works one-one at her home or in group Sound baths.  She follows the government guide lines for keeping clients safe.  Taster sessions are available until the end of 2020, at a cost of £10, with a half-price reduction for those on low income.  She is also hosting an evening event: "A relaxing Sound Bath Meditation Evening" at the Memorial Centre, Main Hall on Thursday 15 October.  Ring 510464 or email : for more details.

‘I would recommend anyone to try this therapy. It is a wonderful relaxing treatment, a gentle journey into self and meditation which serves to look beyond the every day and discover ways to heal and help yourself.’   Gay 

‘Sandra approaches her work with pure intent and authenticity. She is calm and flexible and manages to be professional yet empathetic. She has a beautiful gift.’   Zena