New shop opens at Wick Farm

Amongst the many people whose lives have been affected by lockdown are local mother and daughter, Emma and Louisa Parry.  When both of them found their own businesses slowing to a halt, their solution was to begin baking - selling home made bread and cakes to customers who could order online.  Louisa, who had been living in Bristol and working in events management returned to the village where she grew up, and the pair got started.  “We had no choice but to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and cover ourselves in flour instead” says Louisa.  And so the Stable Cottage Bakery began.   A sign outside the cottage in Wick Lane advertised the business, as well as social media, and trade began to build.

Now there are bigger plans afoot.  In partnership with Will Dixon, the business has just moved to a refurbished barn on Wick Farm, almost opposite the cottage.  “Our beautiful rustic home is slowly coming to life,” reports Louisa, adding “There are lots of exciting plans in store.”

As well as baked goods, you can buy a selection of vegetables, free-range eggs and local cheeses.  The latest addition is a zero-waste household and cleaning products station, run by Blueberry Den

You can order online at (for collection) or go and visit.  Currently the shop is trialing opening from Monday to Saturday, 11am - 4pm, although these hours may change. Check on Facebook / Instagram @stableandwick for the very latest information.