Swifts are back

Downton Green Group are pleased to report that the swifts have returned.  Over the last two years efforts have been underway in the village to help combat the alarming decline in the number of these remarkable birds. "It is inspiring to see swifts, which never leave the air other than to nest, returning from their long flight from Africa to the place where they raised young the previous year. Their dramatic flight and very audible screaming are one of the delights of spring and early summer" says the group's resident swift expert.

Since loss of nest sites is one of the primary reasons for this decline, it is vitally important to protect existing nest sites and to provide nest boxes to compensate for those often lost in the course of building renovations.  Downton Green Group is working together with Salisbury and Wilton Swifts and, over the past couple of years, nest sites in the village have been identified and boxes installed, including those at the Primary School and St Laurence’s church. Monitoring is continuing this year, and the Green Group is asking for people to log their sitings/observations of swifts to further enhance the project.

To share any sightings locally go to Downton Green Group’s Facebook page or find out more from downtongreengroup.org.uk