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The Larder

In these days of rising food prices, Downton Baptist Church has teamed up with the Co-op to open 'The Larder'.  Situated at the church, it is open every week on Monday and Thursday evenings 6 - 7pm and Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9 - 10am. Food is donated by local suppliers and the community - and constantly changes depending on availability.  Everyone is welcome to come and take away one bag of up to 10 food items per week. 

As well as making food available for all, The Larder is run on sustainable principles and is already reducing food waste, with plans to install a fridge in the near future.   A spokesperson for the church said: "At the heart of this initiative is the opportunity to work together as a community, reducing food waste and making food available to those who would like it. We hope and pray that this will bring hope to the hearts of many."

Larder for the radio.jpeg

​If you would like to donate non-perishable food then please take your donation along to 'The Larder' during opening hours. For more information on the types of foods that can be stored and how and when food can be left then please see the church website.  The website also has details of other ways of getting involved with the project, including how to volunteer to help. 

Downton Baptist Church is also a food distribution centre for Salisbury Foodbank & the Trussell Trust and can support families in crisis. The church is open on Thursday mornings from 9am - 11am for the distribution of food parcels - for more information on this, please contact the church office on 512971 

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