We are pleased to be back publishing again: our new downloadable July edition is just a click away.  We hope that you enjoy reading it  - and please do consider printing it off and sharing it with any friends or neighbours who are not on-line.


We are planning to continue our on-line edition for now - but we will also be publishing and delivering again in September, as normal.  Your contributions would be welcome - the issue will be published at the beginning of September and contributions need to be with us by August 23.


If you'd like us to share your news in our on-line edition, then just get sending stuff in!

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InDownton is a free community newsletter, which is normally published five times a year and delivered to every house in the village of Downton, Wiltshire.  We welcome local information for publication and advertising from local businesses.

To submit information for publication, email it to before the copy deadline date for the intended issue.  All information may be edited to fit the newsletter and publication cannot be guaranteed.

Alternatively, the contact form can also be used to submit information and to register for regular updates and reminders of publication dates.  Feedback and ideas for future newsletters are always welcome.


We have an emailing list to receive notifications when new issues are available online, which keeps you in touch with village events if you're away or you don't live within our distribution area.  Get in contact using the form or sending an email and ask to join the list.  Or follow us on Twitter where we post reminders for publication dates and deadlines for contributions at @InDownton.  Click on the link below.

We aim to deliver the newsletter to every house in the village.  It is also available to pick up free from Hair Art, Borough Cafe, White Horse Inn, Day Lewis Pharmacy and the library.


We offer a small number of advertising opportunities to businesses to offset the cost of production.  

A copy of advertising rates is available below to download.

2020 Publication Dates:

Autumn -  5 September; copy deadline 23 August

Christmas: 21 November; copy deadline 8 November.

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More details of advertising costs and sizes are available

by downloading the advertising document.

For more information, contact

Previous newsletters are available to view and download by clicking on the images below:

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