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New on InDownton.  A limited edition of news for these changing times.  These pages are to keep you updated about what is happening.  We hope you find this useful - do let us know if you do.  If you have any suggestions for improvement then please contact us via the form on the Home Page.  We look forward to hearing from you - especially if there's anything that we're not covering that you feel we should.

Updates are also regularly available on the Downton Village Website:  http://downtonvillage.co.uk/

Find out what local pubs are doing, and latest opening times for the Co-op.  Also, a list of community facilities that are temporarily closed

With the School opening its doors to additional children from June 1st, find out when Gravel Close and the Borough are going to be getting busier.

Click on the link for the latest information about contacting the Surgery.

Over £500 has been raised so far for the NHS.  Find details on how to access the cafe's repair team.

Summer is here when the swifts start returning.  Downton Green Group is hoping that the swift boxes will be in use this year.

Downton Tennis Club is opening up its courts for anyone to book and play.  Find out how to book your game

The sewing community have been busy.  Do you need a facemask?  Or could you help donate some fabric?  Or get your own sewing machine out to help?

Donations are now being collected at the Co-op.  Find out what is needed, and what to do if you need support.

How to access support from the churches and find out what is happening in place of the usual services.

"Zoom" in on the Community Choir's Practice

Can you bring a smile to the face of an Ashley Grange resident?

Find out how a local company is helping the community to stay safe

Find out how the Cricket Club is prepared for the day that cricket can begin again.

Find out about the group that is organising volunteers who want to help the community.

Why is it looking like Christmas in some parts of the village?

Band practices may happen - with the aid of a little technical wizardry

Find out who to contact