On-line edition

Our on-line edition has been going for a few months now, keeping you updated about what's currently going on in the village.  We hope you are finding it useful - do let us know if you are.  If you have any suggestions for improvement then please contact us via the form on the Home Page.  We look forward to hearing from you - especially if there's anything that we're not covering that you feel we should.

Updates are also regularly available on the Downton Village Website:  http://downtonvillage.co.uk/

Find out what local pubs are doing, and latest opening times for the Co-op.  Also, a list of community facilities that are still temporarily closed

Donations are now being collected at the Co-op.  Find out what is needed, and what to do if you need support.

The sewing community has been busy.  Do you need a facemask?  Or could you help donate some fabric?  Or get your own sewing machine out to help?

Thank you to those who have supported the charity in these tough months.........

Click on the link for the latest information about contacting the Surgery.

Lover Repair Cafe has now raised over £1500 for the NHS.  Read about what the team have been up to and find details on how to access the repair service.

Bowling is back! Click the link for more details.

News  from the churches

Check out what the Scouts have been up to and find out about future plans.

Current restrictions mean that the exchange is unlikely to open until the New Year.  Read what the organisers say.

Find out more about what The Link does - and how you can help

Redlynch and Hale Cricket Club is back in operations - with some matches fixed, but also practice sessions for juniors / ladies.  Click to find out more.