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The RNID drop in clinic for National Health hearing aid users is held in the Baptist Church on the first Thursday of the month from 10am-12 noon.


The RNID aims to provide a service to our community who wear National Health hearing aids.  The aids can be retubed and fresh batteries supplied.  Clients only need to bring their Salisbury hospital battery issue card with them.


For more information about this service, please contact:  

Gillian Drayson

Community Support Officer Salisbury

01722 580014 or 07570670643

Good Companions

The club meets in Downton Memorial Hall on Tuesdays from 2 - 4 pm. Regulars pay £2 and visitors (who are always welcome) pay £2.50.  Refreshments are included.  

Contact Julia Whitmarsh 510601 for more information.

Mobile Post Office

Fridays: Layby outside 56 Moot Lane: 9 - 10am.

            Bull Car Park: 10:05 - 11:05am

Downton Library

The library is open at the following times:

Mon 2 - 7pm (Staffed Session)

Tue 2 - 5pm (Volunteer Session)

Wed 2 - 5pm (Volunteer Session)

Thu 10am - 1pm (Volunteer Session)

Fri 10am - 5pm (Staffed Session)

Sat 10am - 1pm (Staffed Session)

To see what regular activities take place at the library, click here.


There is a Facebook Bookchat page with lots of discussions about favourite authors and books at

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