Spring Green Fair - what was planned

The Green Group were disappointed to have to cancel the 'Spring Green Fair' as it would have been an opportunity for people to engage with the variety of green initiatives that are taking place currently in the village. 

As well as visiting stall-holders from diverse organisations such as Fair Trade and Downton Millennium Green, the Fair would have provided an opportunity for gardeners to get started on the new season in an eco-friendly way, by sharing surplus seeds and plants - or purchasing just a small number of vegetable seeds, using the supplier "More veg".  The good news is that if you would like to obtain seeds from this company then they are currently delivering online orders (moreveg.co.uk).  


There were to have been displays about caring for the environment and encouraging wildlife in the garden too.  If you would like more information about any of these things, the group's website has lots of tips and ideas.  Perhaps the current crisis may give some people more time to be outside enjoying their gardens.

Some demonstrations on eco-friendly living were also planned - including making your own beeswax wraps, and recycling otherwise non-recyclable plastic by making eco-bricks.  If you would like to know more, you can find detailed instructions for making beeswax wraps on countryfile.com.  The web-site you need for eco-bricks is gobrik.co.uk

There was also to be a chance to compare the carbon footprints of various food stuffs - again if you want to know more, the BBC's website has some very useful information.

When things return to normal, the Green Group will no doubt be re-planning the event to keep people posted on how everyone can help to look after the planet.