Downton Library - visiting groups welcome

Downton Library has been buzzing recently as they have welcomed children from Downton Primary School and the local beaver and rainbow groups. The staff have really enjoyed sharing stories and showing them the library.  The layout has recently been changed to give more space downstairs and the reservation collection point is now to the left of the corridor going upstairs. There is also a new Recent Returns shelf so you can see what the rest of the village has been reading! If your local group would like to visit the library please get in touch with the library staff - call 511003.

There were special displays for Cuckoo Fair this year - and recently there was a plant / seed swap run in conjunction with Downton Green Network.


Do remember that all children’s books can be reserved for free - and adult books can be reserved (for a small charge) from wherever they are in the county. So if you need an Ordnance Survey Map or a travel guide when off on holiday let the staff or volunteers at Downton know.


Don’t forget to look out for the cuckoo clock and the fox on your next visit.

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Downton Library is open at the following times:

Mon 2 - 5 (Staffed Session)

Tue 2-5 (Volunteer Session)

Wed 2-5 (Volunteer Session)

Fri 10-1, 2-5 (Staffed Session)

Sat 10-1 (Staffed Session)

There is a Facebook Bookchat page with lots of discussions about favourite authors and books at

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