More houses for Downton?

The Downton Society wishes to draw everyone’s attention to the planning application by Formula Lands to build 100 houses on land adjacent to the Breamore Road, south of Catherine Crescent - application PL/2021/06443. In addition, Persimmon Homes have met with the Parish Council recently and declared an interest in building another 100 houses in the area between their recent Bachelor Way development  and the new Meadow Grange houses which replaced Scott’s House. 


A spokesperson for Downton Society outlined their concerns:

“Our members oppose further large-scale development for a number of reasons. It is completely contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan which was widely endorsed by you, the residents of Downton, and is still valid until 2026. The plan focused on sustainable future development. Under Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy, Downton was asked to accept 190 new houses up until 2026 and this number has already been built. In addition, The Borough, High Street and Lode Hill (B3080) simply cannot take any more vehicles and as all will know at times the road is gridlocked with regular damage occurring to both vehicles and houses. Parking is becoming increasingly difficult and at times impossible. More houses will mean more cars and therefore make the current situation even worse on the B3080 and the A338. Finally there are also very serious concerns about vehicles and pedestrians leaving and entering the proposed site, the impact of further development on sewage as well as the water run off from the field which is flooded every winter. There are also questions about the impact on schools and the doctors’ surgery.”  


The spokesperson emphasised that as a society they were fully supportive of  the need for low cost housing for local people but suggested that there are alternatives. 

“Small scale developments with a high density of truly affordable housing are simply not profitable for large scale developers and rarely meet expectations. There are alternative ways of providing small scale developments of affordable houses by engagement with non-profit making bodies. As a community we need to explore these options and the Society will be pushing for this. 

The impact of more houses on the scale proposed will impact us all regardless of where we live. The Society urges residents to make their views known in whatever medium they choose to use. Sadly by the time you read this, the time for comments to Wiltshire Council will have passed but it is not anticipated that this will be the end of the matter and we urge all residents to monitor the situation at by planning number/PL/2021/06443. The Downton Society website will be kept current.”