The Moot needs YOU

For many people in the village the outside space of the Moot has been a perfect place to visit for exercise and recreation during lockdown, either with their dog, family or both. It is easy to underestimate the merits of this historical public garden, open 365 days of the year, and free to everyone – other villages and towns are not so lucky. 


When you visit, you can see the outcome of the hard work of the volunteers – especially looking at the borders and the pond area. However in spite of the volunteers’ work, the Moot desperately needs funds to cover the unavoidable fixed costs.

Moot border - resized

It may not be common knowledge but the maintenance and safety of the Moot requires a minimum of £10,000 per annum to keep the gardens open to all. This has been just about achievable through fundraising events and donations. The former, due to Covid-19, have been impossible and this could be the case for the coming months. Even the annual Dog Show has had to be cancelled. Donations have been on the decline over recent years as donors have moved on or passed away, and generally regular donations have not been forthcoming. 


The trustees want the future generations of Downton to be able to enjoy this historic outdoor village asset, which has benefited us all, whatever age, whether for a picnic, a walk or a bit of sledging in the snow!  All they ask is that you sign up to make a regular donation, whether £10 a year, or £5 per month.   If you feel that you can help then click here to link to the donations page.