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River Festival

Helping local groups help each other to organise and promote fundraising events together, with the umbrella theme of 'River'.

To put forward suggestions, email:

Link to contact details of groups and people.

Link to calendar of River Festival events


Exciting opportunity to raise more funds

There is now a chance for your group to take part in RiverFest and double the amount you raise!

The River Fest team can link you to a local business that’s celebrating it’s first 10 years by offering to select up to 10 local groups or events and double the amount they raise - up to a maximum of £1,000. 

Find partners to collaborate with (look on the River Fest contacts page, and you might be able to raise an additional £1,000. For further information, contact us at  If you have not yet registered as a contact, then send us your details (including what you are offering / what you are looking for), so that you can be part of our email contact list.  All village organisations and businesses welcome.

More about the idea

The Downton River Festival is simply a platform to connect groups to collaborate on events, help create a plan, coordinate dates with a central calendar to avoid clashes and encourage collaboration, create artwork and publicise the programme. Each event of the Downton River Festival will be organised and run by the groups themselves. Small events could include anything

from a village fete to craft fairs, guided walks, entertainment evenings, art exhibitions, open air cinema, maypole dance, parade or duck race - all ideas are welcome! 

Why a ‘river’ festival?

The reason that Downton is here is because this is where the Romans and others crossed the river. The river has provided Downton with food, wildlife and prosperity and has inspired artists and writers through the centuries. A light river theme is broad enough to unite the events and will help us promote the programme widely and attract visitors. The theme will have clear links to the village which means that locals and visitors can learn about our river, its history and ecology.

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