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Recycling centre re-opens

Downton Green Group are pleased to announce the re-opening of the mini recycling centre at the back of the Baptist Church.  It has had a thorough clean and sort out!  Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, the group cannot resume the full range of recycling, and have restricted the range to what they know they can move on.


You can recycle:

  • Pet food packaging, if it is one of the 'accepted items' and there is no food residue (check the Green Group's website).  Pouches should be thoroughly rinsed and dried - and flattened carefully

  • Dental waste - toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes - including outer packaging.  Unfortunately we cannot accept bamboo toothbrushes

  • Old spectacles

  • Water filter cartridges

  • Low energy light bulbs

If there's no container, then the item is currently not being recycled. The group would like to point out that batteries are easy to recycle at the Co-op or the Pharmacy - or anywhere else that sells them.  The group are not collecting these!  


If you are able to get into Salisbury, Wiltshire Air Ambulance have a recycling centre in the Phoenix Emporium, Tollgate Road, Salisbury, where they are collecting crisp packets, plastic sweet wrappers, baby food pouches, Pringles tubes........


More information about local recycling is available from the Green Group's website.

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