With so many people staying at home and finding that domestic items need repair  - and with some of the Repair Cafe team bored with nothing to do - the sensible solution was to open a 'remote' facility.   The idea of dropping off items for repair has really caught on.  Since ‘Lockdown’ the team has logged 300 jobs and sent over £2000 to Salisbury Hospital charities.

Over £2000 raised for the NHS

News of the success is spreading. Maurice (the Chair of the group) was interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire during July about how the service has been able to continue, despite the virus.  If you missed it, you can still listen on ‘catchup’.  Also, as a result of remaining open, ‘Repair Cafe England’ have asked the team to take part in a ‘Webinar’ to explain how they managed to do it.  It appears that out of over 1300 Repair Cafes in England only our local, and one other, actually continued repairs!

The team has now achieved over 1000 Jobs with a success rate of 92%.  The only down side at the moment is that they cannot undertake the usual Recycling Service due to lack of room, the need to work together and because the specialist recycler is unavailable at present.  


The team are enthusiastic and enjoying the variety.  The most popular items at the moment are repairs to garden equipment and garden furniture with TVs and table lamps coming a close second.  Meanwhile their clock repairer is busy not only with clocks, but with all things mechanical - from house signs to a giant dragonfly.  They have also repaired eleven sewing machines, many of which are being used to make PPE equipment.  They have even copied the TV Repair Shop and refurbished a skeleton clock and a clockwork tortoise.


There are lots of stories to tell.  A man walked in with the sad news that his beloved pet dog had died, bringing with him a beautiful ash funeral casket that the vet had used to return the ashes.  At his request the team got to work and transformed it into a biscuit tin for the family's next pet.

You can drop off items on Wednesday / Friday mornings at  ‘Brambles’, Vicarage Road, Lover SP5 2PG (nearly opposite the Redlynch Village Hall), between 10am and 12 noon.  The volunteers are happy to consider repairing all sorts of domestic items i.e. Clocks, Ceramics, Woodwork, Furniture, Laptop, Tablet, Electric/Electronics, Toys etc.  In fact, they say that "if you can get it in the boot of your car, we will give it a look".  You can park on the field side of the road.  On arrival you will find the garage door open to allow you to ‘Drop Off’ and you can book the item in (from 2m away) at an adjoining window.  Hand Sanitiser will be available.   All Government Guide Lines regarding social distancing are strictly followed.  All being well, you will receive a phone call when the items are ready for you to pick up the following week.  So, as the restrictions are slowly eased, you might like to take up the opportunity to get something repaired.  The slogan is “Do Not Bin It We May Fix It”.

Contact Paul on 01725 510753 for further details - or follow them on Facebook