Repair Cafe - Recycling champions

Lover Repair Cafe

Every Wednesday and Friday morning.

Redlynch Village Hall

10am - 12 noon

Leave your name & phone number, and you will be contacted when your item is ready for collection.  

You are simply asked to pay for material costs and give a donation to our Local Projects.

Enquiries: Paul 01725 510753 or preferably email

The Repair Cafe continues to donate its proceeds to local good causes. Their Salisbury Hospital Staff project has now raised £8000 and some much needed money has also been donated to the Lover Pre-school.

The latest Repairer of the Month is John Ball, who has re-built a collapsed Bird Box and renovated a rusty, rotten garden table - all of this using old timber and fittings to keep costs to a minimum, and demonstrating that re-cycling is not only good for the planet, but can also achieve excellent results.

Now that the Cafe is taking place back at the Hall, they are able to undertake re-cycling again and have welcomed Brendan, who has joined them, and at present is working through a back-log of re-cycling.  Further good news is that Currys in Salisbury have agreed to work with the team on their re-cycling programme and so they  will shortly be starting their “Convoy to Currys” with all their Beyond Reasonable Repair (BRR) items broken down into elements. 

Repair cafe bird box and table_edited.png

The recently renovated table and bird box