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On-line edition

Our on-line edition is here to keep you updated about what's currently going on in the village.  Please send us your news / articles - it's your contributions that will make this an interesting and informative read.  

It's Holiday club time again

Have you booked your place?

The Leisure Centre is holding an Open Day at the start of September - a chance to find out what's on offer - and give it a go.  Click for more details.

Click here for pictures of the Band's Anniversary concert, and details of how they are marking their 150 years.

Footpath clearing

Those people who walk along the footpath by the river between the Moot and the Millennium Green will have noticed the huge improvement due to the clearance of stinging nettles, overhanging trees and brambles. This is all thanks to a group of volunteers made up of members of the Downton Society, the Moot working group and members of the community who set to work recently. Here they are taking a welcome break from the heat!

Click on the image for more info.

MTC Summer Tennis Camps Aug.jpg

A new initiative, started by local ecologist Adam Ellis is starting to monitor the quality of water in the River Avon.  Read about what's happening and how you can help.

Florence at the Beacon_edited.jpg

The apple tree on the Beacon green is being carefully tended - and some wild flower seeds have been sown.  More info.

route 66 team.jpg

This August, once again, local artists will be opening up their work spaces so that you can visit to find out more about what they do.  More details here.

The library is a busy place these days, with lots of activities for children.  Find out how to take part.

Could you knit a bobble hat for charity?

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