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Memorial Centre news

Table Top Sale

Downton Memorial Centre

Saturday 26 November

9am set up

10am – 12pm

50p entry

£10 per table

Contact Susan 07875 036879 for further details or to book a table

The Memorial Centre is now fully up and running.  The main hall is busy now with old favourites, such as Tai Chi and Good Companions, plus new regular bookings including the community café (‘Fridays’).  The cafe  is proving very popular and although it is not a replacement for the much-missed Country Market it will go a long way to help.  Children’s parties continue to be popular at the weekends particularly in the colder, wetter months.There are also several new regular bookings in the extension – Seated Yoga , Pilates and Golden Oldies (sing along session for everyone).  The committee is pleased that the Health Visitor drop in clinic has now returned.  The two meeting rooms, as well as for classes, are suitable for all types of business meetings whether public or private.  See the diary on the website to find out ‘what’s on’ and, if you are looking to book one of the rooms, when free slots are available.


In addition to the Centenary and Bonvalot rooms, there is also a small office, suitable for one or two people, which can be booked either for a couple of hours or on a longer term basis.  This may suit someone who is ‘working from home’ but would like an alternative space. 

The electrics and fire alarm system have been brought up to date so with Wi-Fi throughout, a lift to the meeting rooms and a good sized stage, the Memorial Centre is well suited for meeting the needs of the growing community of Downton.

The Centre encourages its users not to use ‘single use plastic’ and has multi-coloured plates, bowls and mugs available for children’s parties at no extra charge.   In addition to the crockery kept in the kitchen,  the Centre has some additional good quality crockery, cutlery and glasses (including champagne flutes) that can be hired for special events, including events to be held elsewhere..

For more information contact Hilary on 07760 415818



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